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Central Plaza

Client : V-Capital (Vanke)
Location : Shanghai,China
Type : Office, Retail
Service : Interior Design, Landscape Design
Status : Built
Site Area : 6,000 m²
GFA : 47,400 m²
FAR : 6.5

The Central Plaza is adjacent to Shanghai People’s Square and surroundedby the Shanghai Cultural Museum, MOCA Contemporary Art Circle, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Grand Theatre, and many other cultural landmarks. Inspired by the cultural surrounding nature of the area, the concept of the project is the interconnection of the landmarks creating a focal point. The same cultural interconnection is where the logo and visual identity is conceived. Since the space in the lobby is very limited, the team created a simple and unified modern space with the concept of building a “focus point”. The lobby materials are two single-piece white aluminum and grey seamlessterrazzo floor. White horizontal lines and elements of white glass handrails emphasize on the multi-layered feel of the space supported by black columns as the pillar structure. QR.png
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