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Shanghai Fashion Hub

Client: Shangtex Fashion Industry
Development co. LTD
Location: Shanghai, China
Address: 55 Yuyao Road, Jingan District,
Type: Renovation
Function: Office
Service: Architecture, Interior Design
Status: Preliminary Design
Site Area: 6,741 m²
Total GFA: 20,744 m²
FAR: 3.0

Shanghai Fashion hub, the new fashion center in Jing’an. The facade design idea comes from the fabric used for clothing tailoring, curved metal mesh panel applied, which is like a unique coat for the building. Geometric window holes are matched with light-colored tiles, special-shaped metal window frames are set on both sides, which brings a lively feeling to the building. With all lighting on, the building is presented in a fashionable, dazzling way. Turn on the music, Shanghai Fashion hub is ready to show world the grand and unprecedented fashion event. QR.png
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