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800 Show

Client : Shanghai Jinggong Group
Location : 800 Changde Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai
Type : Office, Event, Culture, Retail, F&B
Service : Architectural Design, Interior Design, Landscape Design
Status : Built
Site Area : 15,000 m²
GFA : 22,000 m²
FAR : 1.47

Colonial-type mansions, villas, the production of department of a former motor factory and some Shikumen buildings constitute a group of industrial heritage with a history over half a century. Now, the dominant 120 meter long factory hall that assembly workers used to gather is renovated into a 110 meter long huge showroom, preserving its ornate wooden roof/beam structure. The 10 meter set back gives room for the plaza. Villas and office buildings are completely surrounded by a blend of high-rises and Shikumen buildings. Each building is renovated with designs highlighting the individuality of its original construction that people can get close to the unique urban fabric of Shanghai. Glass curtain is used to open a visual channel on Changde Road. In the pursuit of a distinctive place identity, its inner space is planted with various functions for almost 7/24 uses, including creative offices, entertainment space in the evening, showrooms, and plaza for outdoor activities. “10+ places to discover” is what logon organized to guide people a tour, from artistic details to water feature area for children. QR.png
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