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B-link Park

Client : Shanghai Baoland
Location : Huangxing Road, Zhoujiazui Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai
Type : Office, Retail, F&B, Lifestyle, Hotel, Culture, Exhibition
Service : Architectural Design
Status : Design Completed
Site Area : 193,000 m²
GFA : 1,120,000 m²
FAR : 2.0

WHAT IF YOUTH COULD BRING LIFE BACK TO THE STEEL-MAKING FACTORY? BaoSteel standing on the fringe of Shanghai city once leaded its economic development. In the nation-wide removing of heavy industries in first-tier cities, how to revitalize huge industrial zone is the challenge to BaoSteel, Baoshan District and also the city of Shanghai. The Second Steel-Making of BaoSteel Group (Ergang) is to be re-developed as a multi-functional office park. The spirit of the industrial character and especially the distinctive roof shapes are highlighted with new, but weathered curtain steel frames. Within the Innovation Park, public space is designed in a way to serve the needs of a multi-functional office park. Different from the regeneration in urban centers, its location provides opportunity to combine the strength of downtown creative parks and suburban office parks. QR.png
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