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Central Plaza

Client : V-Capital (Vanke)
Location : Shanghai,China
Type : Office, Retail
Service : Interior Design, Landscape Design
Status : Built
Site Area : 6,000 m²
GFA : 47,400 m²
FAR : 6.5

The Central Plaza is adjacent to Shanghai People’s Square and surrounded by many cultural landmarks. In 2018 it was bought by V Capital, who commissioned with a one-stop design solution package for their Asset Enhancement Initiative (AEI). The package included landscape, facade, lighting, inte-rior, and signage design. The AEI's goals were to review, upgrade and rebrand the building, enhance the user comfort, to match contemporary market trends and needs. The newly designed Central Plaza, which is LEED Gold certified, provides mod-ern office spaces, as well as space for retail ,food and beverage. The front entrance to Central Plaza welcomes visitors on arrival with modernized urban space, new signage and a new plaza lighting concept. The Atrium is a neat and uncluttered transition space, a feeling devised by choice of materials of white aluminum and seamless grey terrazzo flooring. Natural light falls through the skylight and façade by daytime and is being reflected by the white interiors, while at nighttime the innovative, glare-free indirect lighting system brightly illuminates the space from the inside. Much innovation went into the office tower elevator lobby. It is accessible straight ahead from the main entrance in the Atrium. It’s highlight is the unique perforated light ceiling, featuring glare free lighting while hiding building equipment like ventila-tion outlets and sprinklers. Understanding the potentials as well as the limitations of each individual asset allows us to unlock their full potential. Central Plaza is the latest successful example. QR.png
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