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Fenglin Link

Client : Shanghai Yicheng Investment
Address : # 485 Fenglin Road, Shanghai
Type : Office, Retail, F&B, Lifestyle
Service : Architectural Design, Landscape Design
Status : Built
Site Area : 4,260 m²
GFA : 6,450 m²
FAR : 1.5

Located in a renovated former industrial estate. Fenglin Link Eco-Village has become a hub for health sciences and bio-technology. The project has attracted small and medium-sized companies, all promoting a green and healthy lifestyle. The original building arrangement was dense and convoluted - the design concept turned this weakness into strength by creating a narrow passageway connecting the entrance plaza with the quiet backyard, adding to its distinctive character. By using brick tiles and simple metal handrails for staircases and balconies, the industrial heritage of the site is emphasized. Modern materials, like plaster and printed metal mesh panels create a dynamic contrast. The roof garden is open to the public and provides another great space, both for those working in the village and the surrounding community. QR.png
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