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Hexa International Plaza

Client : Hony Capital, AEW
Location : Beijing, China
Address : 9 North Chaoyangmen Street
Type : Office & Workspace,
Commercial & Lifestyle
Function : Office, Retail, F&B, Lifestyle
Service : Interior Design, Landscape
Design, Lighting Design
Status : Under Construction
Gross Building Area : 75,000 m²
Design Area : 5,300 m²

HEXA International Center is located in Dongcheng District in Beijing. logon applied AEI goals to review, upgrade and rebrand the building, enhance the user comfort, to match contemporary market needs. The design expanded the public spaces down to the basement, connected it all together, and gave it a great entrance, and also provided great experience for the users by connecting all the public spaces together. The design concept of the building was first to modernize the building, use current materials, glass, steel, reflective materials, very light materials to first bring the building into the 21st century, really make it a modern building, satisfy the current needs of daylight and the current needs of the users inside. The newly designed HEXA building, which is WELL Gold certified, provides modern office spaces, as well as customer-oriented public space for entrance, lobby and sunlight atrium. Hexa International Plaza is becoming the landmark Grade A office along East 2nd Ring Road in Beijing. QR.png
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