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Client : Goodland Holding
Location : 1040 North Suzhou Road, Jingan District, Shanghai
Type : Office, Retail
Service : Architectural Design, Interior Design,Landscape Design
Status : Design Completed
Site Area : 2,600 m²
GFA : 18,400 m²
FAR : 6.2

There are 2 buildings within our site. The southern tower is Maolian Mansion, it was built as storage for bank, and it is heritage protection level 3. The northern building is a 6 floor office building. The design is uniformed subtly but different due to each characteristics. As a heritage protected building, Maolian Mansion’s south, east and west facade is protected to be changed. The strategy is clean up the existing and repair the broken parts. The original design is using horizontal stripes which is maintained in the new design and extends all over the building to have a uniformed image. All the windows are unified by size and using the same classic steel windows. The decorative tiles are tore down and finish with new light color plaster. Within those horizontal bands, new lighting elements are installed. It not only lits up the building by night, also gives a touch of detail to the building during daytime. QR.png
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