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Longfor Blue Engine Danshui Innovation Park

Client : Longfor Group
Location : Shanghai,China
Address : East and West plots, JinhuaExpressway and Jianchuan Road intersection, Minhang District
Type : Office & Workspace
Function : Office
Service : Architectural Design, Landscape Design, Signage Design, Lighting Design
Status : Under Construction
Site Area : 37,000 m²
Gross Bubilding Area : 50,000 m²
FAR : 0.66

Located in Minhang district in Shanghai, the Longfor Danshui Industrial Park is divided into east and west zones, with a total of 46 buildings cover 45,000 sqm. The project is based on an existing and outdated industrial park, logon designed a new industrial park for high-tech tenants. It offers a resourceful mix of functions that inte-grate light production, R&D, office and life in one place. Meeting halls, a promotion center and commercial facilities complete the modern service offering. The upgraded park is designed in a reduced, modern architec-tural style. Traffic and roads optimized, public space added, to create a lush, green and good quality overall impression. The buildings were modernized with new lifts and improved layout efficiency. The facades were mostly modernized, while only a few key original design elements were preserved to provide a link to the histo-ry of the project and maintain a unique character. The result is a modern, flexible workplace that meets the demands of innovative urban industries. It will be an urban transformation representative project in Shanghai southwestern technology innovation center. QR.png
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