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Nanjing Audit University Renovation

Client: Shanghai Jinghe Commercial Management Co., Ltd.
Location: Nanjing, China
Address: 77 Beiwei Road, Gulou District, Nanjing
Function: Office, F&B, Lifestyle, Culture
Service: Architecture
Status: Design Completed
Site Area: 74,473 m²
Total GFA: 143,710 m²
FAR: 1.6

Nanjing Audit University upgraded to a “campus-vibe” innovative office park. The park is equipped with different modern facilities, from financial offices, Incubating, training center to apartments.
Punch the head elite, and cares each tenant who love their life and run for dreams. Logon team relocate heritage elements to continue campus context, meanwhile modernize buildings in a modern, consistent way. Continuous central activities place and green buffer created to give tenants immersive leisure experience. Nanjing Audit University is becoming a national university science park, integrates financial, high-tech R&D, culture innovation, and E&I industries. QR.png
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