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Ocean Tower

Client : Gaw Capital
Location : Shanghai,China
Address : 550 East Yanan rd, Shanghai
Type : Office & Workspace
Function : Office, Office facilities
Service : Project Positioning, Feasibility Study, Asset Enhancement Initiative,
Interior Design, Landscape Design, Facade Design, Lighting Design
Status : Completed 2020/06
Gross Building Area : 58,900 m²
Design Area : 4,300 m²

Located near the Bund, the former harbor and international trading center of Shanghai, the Ocean Tower grade A office building blends well into the surroundings with its modern classic Art Deco style. The interiors and the public spaces around the tower are now upgraded. The new design idea rebrands the property from its well-known name: Ocean Tower. As a stark contrast to the linear and vertical facade, made of warm stone materials, the interiors' soft curves and smooth materials provide a modern impression just entering the lobby. Their shapes, light, and colors activate the imagination of ocean and water, as well as honoring the traditional role of Shanghai as the main port of China. Curves and waves of the outdoor landscape set up the theme and enhance the arrival experience, protected by a new canopy that elegantly connects the new design with the modern classic facade. Along with the flow of the waves, visitors find more interpretations of the motif while walking through the main lobby: three-dimensional curves along the walls, a wave of graceful light and dark grey shells embedded in the floor materials leading to the lift lobbies and inviting large white pebbles elements as resting spaces. The design theme continues through all public spaces like lift lobbies, corridors, and tenant spaces, with materials, colors and design patterns varying and simplifying while ending at the door of each office space: from here visitors and staff have a great view of the Bund, still one of the most impressive international trade hubs of the world. QR.png
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