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Shanghai Lingang Guangming Center

Client: Bright Food Group
Location: Shanghai, China
Address: K07-05 Plot, PDC1-0401 Unit, Lingang District
Function: Office, Commercial
Service: Interior Design
Status: Open
Site Area: 9,000 m²
Total GFA: 42,000 m²
FAR: 3.0

Shanghai Lingang Guangming Center, located in Lingang Science and Technology Headquarter Bay. logon applys health and green design concept and uses modern elements, to create an international food headquarter image. New design adopts customized approach to exhibition hall, office and commercial space. The exhibition hall continues architecture style, large white stone and dark gray metal to create a simple and elegant atmosphere. The office uses bright materials to highlight modern and fashion. The commercial space is flexible layout, which provides lively and vibrant experience for customers. Materials and colors is both artistic and functional. Shanghai Guangming Center is becoming the landmark in Lingang, and new representative office in Shanghai. QR.png
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