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Yangshupu Power Plant Regeneration

Client : Green Land
Location : Yangshupu North Side of Binjiang Riverbank, Yangpu District, Shanghai
Type : Lifestyle, Culture, Exhibition, F&B, Retail, Office
Service : Architectural Design
Status : Design Completed
Site Area : 95,800 m²
GFA : 407,000 m²
FAR : 3.1

The site is located in Yangpu District of Shanghai, along the Huangpu River, covering an area of 95,792 m2. It was formerly in use as a power plant. By fully protecting an reusing the retained buildings, the design tries to better benefit the surroundings. The park will accommodate a diversity of functions: office, hotel, commercial, leisure, sport and culture, providing a right mix of functions to provide enough critical mass, and to ensure a 24/7 use. The existing most representative industrial structure has been retained and renovated as urban farming, vertical garden and energy experienced museum called “Babylon Vertical Garden.” The Harbor Plaza located in the site center access to all functions. The mix of retail, F&B, entertainment, culture, education and outdoor activities around the new harbor will provide recreation spaces for all visitors. Power Plant CBD is in the south. Visible from all directions, the CBD towers guide visitors along Yangshupu road, where the main entrances to the site are located. By turning the building orientation, the building faces the south side and has a better view. The former boiler and generator buildings are preserved and turned into a lifestyle mall, a perfect addition to the neighboring Shanghai Fashion Plaza. Yangshupu Power Plant is the future of the East Bund’s cultural and innovation center, and will be an urban transformation representative project in Yangpu District. QR.png
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