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Zhangjiang Cement Garden

Client : Shanghai Land Group
Location : Pudong District, Shanghai
Type : Office, Retail, F&B, Lifestyle, Culture
Service : Architecture Design
Status : Design Completed
Site Area : 123,000 m²
GFA : 356,000 m²
FAR : 2.2

WHAT’S THE ROLE OF A CEMENT FACTORY IN THE TRANSFORMATION FROM A HIGH-TECH PARK TO A FUTURE SMART CITY? Imagine a cultural and commercial center for Pudong which has already become the financial anchor. The renovation of Zhangjiang Cement Factory Plot gave us a chance. The iconic industrial construction will be preserved into the Quarry Heritage Park. Extending the publicly available spaces and providing better access to the underground commercial areas, the Sunken Plaza is designed. It’s a lowered square offering people an enhanced visual experience of the heritage buildings, from a special vantage point. The Cement Garden Axis creates an improved public access point to the Quarry Heritage Park. Along the river is a 200-meter long warehouse offering F&B, event halls and facilities for sports and exhibitions. In the near future, various art and culture events will happen in this multi-layer cement garden. QR.png
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