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logon Interior: Homeinn NEO 3.0

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logon interior team has applied a new branding concept to the new Homeinn NEO with colorful and homely aesthetic language. Located at 1151 Pujian Road, Pudong district, Shanghai. Starting with urban and architecture design of Homeinn headquarters, logon began working with Homeinn group in 2011. Since then logon has successfully applied different interior concepts to three series of the hotel brands, together seven hotels across Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou. Before we introduce Homeinn plus next time, today we will talk about the Homeinn NEO the latest brand of Homeinn series.

The aesthetic concept for Homeinn Neo, focuses on simple lines with soft curving edges. These lines are a representation of the growth and evolution the brand has had over the last years like those that emerge on the trunk of a tree every year as it grows. The lines are used in sets of three: one that represents Homeinn 1.0, the other Homeinn 1.5 and the third one Homeinn 3.0. These elements are placed all through out the design on details such as the walls, rugs and tapestry, as symbol of the heritage emblem of Homeinn.

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The lobby is a warm space with lounge sitting, where wood, fabrics and ceramics are used to give the entrance a welcoming and homey aesthetic. The same design concept, the colors, the lines and the materials, is carried to the dining room with materials like wood, fabric and ceramic.

The rooms maintain simple and sophisticated look with a unique kick in the decor. The hotel has 32 rooms in total, 27 standard rooms with 20m² each, plus 5 suites with 32 m² each. They have been remodeled in the same style as the common spaces with same design elements. Window treatments details are created with curtains in different fabrics to create balance and combined with an emblematic botton which is placed on the wall in every room made out hemp fabric. Branding is carried into the room with a reinterpretation of the lines achived through colors and layers around the button emblem. The plum details are present in the light fixtures and furniture as well as the wood that can be found in the bed furniture and desk. All materials and colors are extracted from the main color pallet created for the Homeinn Neo, all these details hold the brand image and atmosphere though out all spaces of the hotel. Last but not least the bathroom is equipped with shower, toilet and sink for each room. The wood is present in the sink cabinet and walls are highlighted with ceramic light blue tiles, are all important elements to creating the homey atmosphere designed by logon.

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