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The world-renowned real estate service consulting firm Cushman & Wakefield has released their heavyweight theme report "2019 Shanghai Urban Renewal White Paper", covering five urban renewal projects designed by, i.e. Shanghai 800 Show Creative Park, Shanghai Glass Museum, Central Plaza, Mingyue Building Renovation and Suzhou RiverMaolian Silk Commercial Building Renovation. On June 20th 2019, logon.designwas also invited to attend Cushman & Wakefield's "Place Making × UrbanRenewal" THINK-IN theme forum in Shanghai.

WeChat Image_20210804102231.jpg

With the changes in people's lifestyles and urban development patterns, urban renewal has become an important strategy for future urban development. Through the reconstruction of the old urban space, the urban renewal project can stimulate the vitality of the old buildings on the basis of protecting the historical heritage, and greatly improve the quality of the public space and residents' life and the value of the project and its surrounding areas.


800 Show
Shanghai Glass Museum
Central Plaza
MingYue Connex
Suzhou River Maolian Silk Commercial Building


From the 800 show, Yangpu Power Plant transformation to Tengfei Yuanchuang Building renovation, Central Plaza, from industrial sites to commercial office space renewal, in Shanghai urban renewal practice, has completed nearly 80 unique Shanghai urban renewal projects in over ten years. With logon's operation-oriented design, these projects have continued to keep their vitality, providing a new practical approach to China's organic renewal in the stock era. QR.png
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