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Rains and storms of yesterday have passed and spring appears in everybody's sight. At this joyful moment before Chinese New Year, would love to send out heartfelt gratitude and best wishes to every client, partner, employee, and their families! In the past 14 years, not only kept accumulating project experience in order to provide innovative solutions for better design of city, architecture and interior space, but also started to think about how to execute social responsibilities combined with our own features.

WeChat Image_20210804102231.jpg

“Dream Space—You Draw and I Build” series was co-organized by and the Shanghai Rehabilitation Center of The Deaf Children. Volunteers from were able to experience the daily education and rehabilitation routine for children with special needs, which made them be aware of the love and patience workers in this filed have, and the positive life attitude from the children. In the future, we will continue to bring caring voluntary services to children there with the trust from our clients and a strong sense of social responsibilities.

February 2018— Proposal Ceremony for “Drifting Bookstore” donation and “Dream Space-You Draw and I Build”
July 2018— “Dream Variation—Early Career Enlightenment”—Career introduction and paper-folding workshops
August 2018— “Color Reverse”allowed children to deepen their understanding of color while having fun doing Ebru painting and observe the variation of creativity by watching all kinds of uncommon houses around the world
August 2018— “Dream City in My Heart” encouraged children to use various materials collected in life to produce DIY works
December 2018— Awarding ceremony for “Little Architect, Big Dreamer” drawing competition


Based on the joint voting of online audience and logon designers, three children participants were awarded the title of “Excellent Architect”, and all other children were given the title “Little Architect”. They depicted a future Shanghai with their fascinating imagination: Ice cream house, Excavator building, Hanging fortress, Flipped-over highway etc.

logon designers took the drawings of the “excellent architects” and conducted re-creation, modeling, rendering and post-production processes. By applying our professional skills and design spirits, we creatively made their drawings come true—3D models were produced to make their 2D creations tangible.

On 24th Jan 2019, founder of logon Ms. Wang Fang and representative volunteers visited the Shanghai Rehabilitation Center of The Deaf Children and handed out certificates and prizes to children of different grades. They even brought New Year gifts for kindergarten-age children. The classroom was full of laughter when they received certificates tailor made for them and drawing tool kits as gifts.


When the rhythm and light of spring returns, everything starts to rejuvenate. will never forget where we came from and treat every project as the first and most important one. “We design to truly embrace the needs of the user”. QR.png
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