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ESG Event @logon office

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ULI "Embodied Carbon for New Projects - How to Estimate and Reduce" was held successfully in logon office on 13th January. Over 100 ESG professionals joined the event to share their insight on ESG online and offline.

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Frank Krüger, logon co-founder & building energy expert, welcomes all the professionals. He is very happy that ULI came up with the event idea themed on embodied carbon. was involved in lots of architecture and urban regeneration projects for the past 20 years, we are always trying to convince client for keeping the old materials and calculate carbon embedded in the building. Glad to the tools and communications are setting up, we can quantify and qualify the embodied carbon in the building than just a good design.


Professionals from all fields share how to estimate the embodied carbon content for new buildings and key materials, and what developers are doing to reduce embodied carbon based on policy interpretation, industry development, practice cases.

logon will share experiences related to ultra-low energy and building energy conservation in the future, stay tuned. QR.png
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