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JK1933, Historic Building Rebirth

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JK1933, a creative Office-Commercial complex along Suzhou Creek, renovated by Two buildings on the site provided new urban image: South Building along Suzhou Creek is a former China Bank Warehouse and Class III historic protected Building;North Building facing Joy City, standard office building. Old and new, witnessed heritage and innovation.

Maolian Mansion, a representative warehouse building in the 1930s, witnessed the early development of bank industry in Shanghai and was listed Class III historic preservation Building in 2004. What is the key issues in historical building renovation? How to deal with extra-built in different ages? How to apply the principle of “repairing old as before"? Which departments should be coordinated for the renovation of historical buildings? logon team renovated the building while inheriting the historical culture. The added external decorative tiles are demolished. Find the finished surface of the original design and apply the same color stone paint to create a classic and elegant image.

According to historical records, retain the original horizontal lines of facade, and highlight the historical image. The LED facade light strips are installed to realize flood lighting. All windows are set based on original design proportion and made of classic steel.

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The goal of the north building design is to generate a quality building in conformity with the context. The building is modern elegant and designed with great attention to structure and colors. Keep the existing facade structure; five standardized windows of different sizes are used to create rich facade image, with reasonable cost.

Benefit from the multi-story buildings, the roof spaces are renovated to roof gardens, improve the vitality of workspace. Tenants could easily enjoy the view of People's Square and Lujiazui skyline from the rooftop, which is a perfect space for events and leisure.


Upgrade the temporary canopy to a modern lighting structure that connects the two buildings. The lighting ceiling extended from canopy to the lobby, which create a sense of continuity and provide a good arrival experience.

The two buildings applied unified interior design approach. The original building was relatively low in height, logon selected metal, mirror and luminous surface materials to optimize the space experience. QR.png
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