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Scenarized Space : Homeinn Plus 3.0

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Homeinn Group has successfully redefined abrand new travelling experience business in the 21st century of China by gradually renovated its hotel sub-brands especially in terms of qualityand design, including Yitel, Homeinn Plus, Homeinn NEO and Homeinn YUNIK series. Based on the core design concept of Homeinn plus 1.5, 3.0 continues the story that how Homeinn Plus strengthens its brand identity and provides business travelers with more effective use of space. The upgrade of Homeinn series reflects the evolution of the hospitality industry.

Through the market and hotel industry research, retained the original brand identity by uplifting the overall brand value; upgrade the hotel in terms of material and facility. Rather than simply pushing back, the 3.0 inherits the original design elements and presents it in a more contemporary way.

WeChat Image_20210804102231.jpg

Business travelers are still the main targeted clients for this edition. By categorizing targeted clients, the Homeinn Plus 3.0 is open to the niche market. At the beginning of the design, analyzed users’ behavior and considered the possible scenarios that will happen in the limited space, in order to create the efficient and functional space.


“Jazz was about the spaces between notes.It was about what happened when you listened to the thing inside you, the gaps and the cracks. Because that was where life really happened,when you were brave enough to freefall.”
—— Rochel Joyce, The Music Shop

The interior details and outdoor facades are inspired from the sign of quarter rest. At the Homeinn Plus 3.0, people will find temporary peace in the fast-paced travel life, get inspired for a new chapter.

The Jazz atmosphere conveys the brand's unique artistic sense, concise and cheerful. The interior decorations give guests commercial experiencing, as if listening to jazz music and walking into an eluxury boutique. QR.png
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