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Gusu Tianan Yungu

Client : Suzhou Su Hong Investment
Location : Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
Type : Office, Retail, Exhibition, Apartment, Hospitality
Service : Architectural Design
Status : Built
Site Area : 43,400 m²
GFA : 204,000 m²
FAR : 3.00

This modern office building is set in a green park adjacent to a canal. The project stands out, because it has a generously small building footprint and a high green ratio. The site’s land use is actually industrial and the building does fulfill the requirements of an industrial building, but it has the standards of an office building. Sun shading louvers increase the indoor comfort and make the overall design more dynamic. The building shape is actually a result of the challenges posed by the subway running under the site; the elegantly curved building outline follows the red line given by the Shanghai Shentong Metro Group. The project is a great example for how site restrictions can lead to outstanding design. QR.png
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