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Junwon Center

Client: Junwon
Location: Shanghai, China
Address: K06-02 Plot, PDC1-0401 Unit, Lingang District
Function: Office
Service: Architecture, Interior Design
Status: Under Construction
Site Area: 7,200 m²
Total GFA: 35,000 m²
FAR: 2.98

The project site is located in a newly developed research and development area in Jinling district in Nanjing, surrounded by universities and with a view to the new wetland landscape park. The high desity development includes space for the client’s headquarters, rentable office space, and a hotel with additional facilities focusing on weddings, conferences, meetings and exhibitions. For better circulation three entrances separate the hotel from the office traffic. The architectural design is an ensemble of two towers with different heights, connected by one podium with a roof garden. The U-shaped podium with a stone cladded facade faces a creek across the street and functions as a representative hotel entrance. The polygonal shape of the towers has been optimized to provide the best views from the hotel and the headquarters towards the surroundings. The dynamic building design is a striking landmark alongside Raoyue Highway and will define the image of district for years to come. QR.png
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