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Sunbow Financial Center

Client : Shanghai Expo Land, China Resources Group
Location : Shanghai, China
Type : Office
Service : Architectural Design, Interior Design
Status : Built
Site Area : 13,200 m²
GFA : 79,300 m²
FAR : 3.50

These three towers are composed of an exploded crystal, creating three elements differentiating in height. The vertical orientation of the architectural design gives the buildings a dynamic appearance – as if they are growing up into the sky. The project consists of three main elements: a podium for retail and service facilities covered by a large red roof, three high-rise towers hosting administration, bank and SOHO offices, and a public park enclosing the ensemble, The red rooftop the podium reinterprets the traditional roof in Chinese architecture. Inside, the towers host individual layouts customized for each function, including sky gardens and rooftop club terraces.The large red roof is designed as a folded metal sheet and will touch the ground at the Northern and Southern edge of the plot. There are smaller openings in the roof (supplying daylight to the buildings and public open spaces) as one big central opening which defines the open plaza.The three glazed towers are placed around the plaza and are parallel to its edges. They will penetrate through the roof and form the vertical sculptural arrangement which will act as a recognizable landmark.
This project creates a new CBD for a city. It is the first step of the “bridge” connecting the new district with the old district and is an urban secondary center for people to live in and work in.This parcel is divided into three areas which are the area of finance, hotel and high-end office, the area for shopping, finance and business office the area for the commercial nodes and the high-end residence. The area for finance, hotel, and a high-end office has an urban scale coordinating with the city.The 27-floor high-end business office building brings a strong vertical impact to the city. It belongs to the community and the city as well.It is south oriented and open to the main streets. The whole office building is surrounded by the architectural cluster with financial and business office functions.The other buildings are connected by their main entrances and open to the same square. This kind of provides a highlight attracting people in this parcel. QR.png
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