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China Ethene Valley-Guangming Town

Client : Jining Economic Development Zone
Location : Jining, Shandong, China
Type : Office
Service : Architecture Design
Status : Built
Site Area : 63,100 m²
GFA : 91,900 m²
FAR : 1.5

A very narrow, about a one-thousand-meter-long, strip of land by a river and a public green space divides the project into three irregular-shaped parts. To create a more interesting skyline and to reduce the limitation of the project’s width and height, the architect used various solutions. Each building has two similar segments with height differences, which is enhanced by the use of different materials. The surface of the main building is predominantly covered with stone and partly with aluminium alloy grids that make the façade more diversified while hiding the air conditioners and other facilities.
The project’s functions are for R&D offices, headquarters, commercial spaces, and apartments. Each function’s positioning and ratio are based on research done on the surrounding environment and a comprehensive understanding of the urban context. The project has convenient access to the new city centre of a neighbouring university town, which is under construction, a big residential area on the north side, and a 25-metre-wide green belt on the south side. QR.png
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