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Home Inns Hotel Headquaters

Client : BTG Hotels Group
Location : Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
Type : Office
Service : Architectural Design
Status : Built
Site Area : 23,500 m²
GFA : 81,500 m²
FAR : 3.4

The project is located in Jinqiao Export Processing Zone, Pudong District, Shanghai. The site sits in the heart of an industrial zone. The aim is to provide the talent on site with a quality working/living environment and in the meantime create a pleasant urban atmosphere. The park is divided into three sections: the headquarters cluster, the commercial high-rise cluster, and the workspace and R&D center cluster. As the highlight of the park, the headquarters cluster consists of large-scale office buildings surrounded by smaller office building clusters that are accessible to one another by landscaped pedestrian walkways. The facades of the podium at the main entrance make it feel like a clubhouse; the streamlined lower parts of the red awnings help attract pedestrians into the park. Public green spaces are distributed evenly between buildings. There is a central garden, plenty of pedestrian spaces, plazas and open spaces above the ground while vehicle traffic goes underground. All this constitutes a comfortable working environment for the talent.
The high-density project has a floor area ratio of 2.0 but a height limit of only 30 meters. And the client insists that most of the office buildings can only have 4-5 floors. The first two floors and retail floors of the office buildings are relatively regular in form to shape a stable base. The remaining floors are twisted to add open-air terraces and leisure spaces. This approach not only helps improve the quality of space by expanding spaces between buildings but also reflects the depth and flexibility of the side elevations of individual buildings and the whole streetscape. QR.png
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