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Huaxin Taindi Jinqiao

Client : China Fortune Properties (Group) Co., Ltd
Location : Pudong, Shanghai, China
Type : Office
Service : Landscape Design, Architectural Design, Interior Design,
Status : Design in Progress
Site Area : 78,600 m²
GFA : 220,000 m²
FAR : 2.0

In an effort to create a harmonious site where architecture and nature combine perfectly, Logon came up with this project that joins a series of R&D sites completed in Jining city, Shandong province. To begin with, alongside the Liaogou river is located the new building for the Research and Development Park, the first one developed on the site and thought to be the flagship of the whole area. The design optimizes the layout of the building, increases the lake’s facade, and creates diverse lake views. From the beginning our team was aware that focusing only on the water front, will create a backside of low spatial quality. Instead, we proposed a diverse urban design which creates high-quality public spaces connected to the water front as well as to the green landscape. Therefore, the site not only is destined to be a work space but also a green area for its inhabitants’ well being. On the one hand, the lake side works as both commercial and leisure façade; on the other hand, the landscape side works as an access for the offices and workshops. QR.png
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