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【Volunteering】Career Cognition

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After logon donated 100 childrenbooks to the ‘Floating Library’before this Spring Festival, our volunteers came back to the Center on theafternoon of July 18th. The Co-Founder and CEO of logon, Wang Fang and the interiordesigner, Tan Yang both prepared special teaching sessions for the children in middleand upper classes, which were career cognition and hand crafting.

For children with an average age of only 4, the definition of career was familiarbut vague. Wang Fang displayed to the children with the fireman's car, toy stethoscope,toy kitchen set, safe helmet in order to help them understand what career is.In addition, they will need to choose the career they want to pursue in thefuture. She was amazed for their outstanding cognition, which exceeded herexpectation. ‘Our teachers are really amazing. All the children in the Center growwell through their fine education.’ Wang Fang said after class, ‘Our kids arenot special. They are also curious about the world and full of energy, justlike any other kids.’

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Afterthe activity, volunteers had a communication with the teachers. When answeringthe reason why logon would like to dosuch charity activities. Wang Fang mentioned that company development is relayon the support of the society. Thus, companies are supposed to take more socialresponsibilities and contribute back to society. One ofthe key elements to special education is acceptance and integration. ‘Comparedwith the material basis, it is more important to bring children with spiritual treasure!’

Theseries of charity activity, ‘You Paint a House, We Design Your Dream’ is organizedby the combination of logon and theShanghai Rehabilitation Center of the Deaf Children. We wish to promote a comfortable language environmentthat is ‘dare to speak, able to speak, and willing to speak’ for the children, througha variety of art practices including teaching sessions and paintingcompetitions. We also sincerely appeal and welcome more people to join us andpay more attention to the Special Education.

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