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Yitel Hotel : A Tasteful Fusion Of Cultures

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The interior design for the new Yitel is simple yet sophisticated, conveying a new and refreshing experience to upper-class customers. The hotel provides guests with a cozy environment. The fusion of oriental décor and bohemian patterns is designed with great attention to details. The new interior design for Yitel communicates a mix of different cultures, which define the brand. Yitel is one of the seven new hotels out of four brands, that has designed for the Homeinn Group, one of the biggest hotel operators in the world. Homeinn Group, well known for their budget hotel accommodations all over China, as well as business hotel accommodations, the Yitel brand is a new flagship that aims to fulfill new market segments. The Yitel aims to be present in prime locations of first and second-tier cities, in this case, Jing’an district in Shanghai.

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The overall tone of the space is gentle and elegant, while the temperament reveals a hint of a boutique hotel atmosphere. The design style of the walkway is simple and neat. This simple and neat hard-design with elegant soft colors and materials creates a rich and luxurious visual experience.

The materials in the rooms were chosen to be as warm as possible. The bohemian atmosphere is diffused in the room in a very harmonic way, through the lamps and the wall details, also found in the lobby. The room has an overall laid-back atmosphere that invites guests to relax.
Just as the room itself, the room’s bathroom is designed to provide a comfortable and warm ambiance. The simple and neat design is achieved with elegant soft colors and materials which become the main design component throughout Yitel.

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