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On June 19th, the two hotel giants Hyatt and BTG Homeinns Hotels Group jointly built, the new hotel brand designed by the team “UrCove (Yifei逸扉)” was first announced globally at the China Hotels and Tourism conference (CHAT).

Cozy like being at home, and safe like a harbor for a boat, UrCove, pronounced as "your cove", is designed to provide comfort, assurance and an overall feeling of being at home for business travelers. The logo design of the UrCove brand reflects the hotel concept, the streamlined C-shaped and the inner arch details are like symbolize a reliable shelter, gently embracing the boats on the vast sea. As the 19th Hyatt hotel brand, UrCove Hotel will continue its excellent service and caring.

WeChat Image_20210804102231.jpg

"As we commemorate our 50th year in the Asia Pacific and Greater China region, we are committed to maximizing our core business to drive purposeful growth and cater to the high-end travelers of every segment we serve," said Stephen Ho, president of Greater China, global operations, Hyatt. "Given China's growing economic importance and the phenomenal growth of its middle-class segment, the UrCove brand strengthens our representation in the underserved upper-midscale segment, and we believe that this locally developed brand will advance our commitment to this important market.”


UrCove hotels will cater to the "Road Warriors" – a term used to identify frequent business travelers. The number of this group will reach 440 million in 2020, and their income will continue to grow. UrCove hotels will provide them with high-quality travel experience with moderate price, efficiency, and comfort. It is a "down-to-earth" high-end mid-range brand.

"The UrCove brand is designed to better serve local consumers," said David Sun, general manager of BTG Homeinns Hotels Group, chairman & chief executive officer of Homeinns Hotel Group. "By combining our extensive knowledge and vast network of the local market with Hyatt's experience in premium care and hospitality, we are on track towards setting a new benchmark for hospitality in China."


The hotel will adopt a modern and human-oriented design, with both artistic and comfortable elements, creating a private personal space and a practical public space. Located close to transportation nodes in main cities, the UrCove hotels will meet the diverse demands of guests with functional business social spaces and efficient service facilities. The first two UrCove hotels are expected to open in Shanghai and Beijing by late 2020. QR.png
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