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After covering five urban renewal projects designed by in Cushman & Wakefield’s (C&W) theme report “Shanghai Urban Renewal White Paper 2019”, was invited by C&W recently to share challenges and solutions in regeneration projects in a closed- door workshop.

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In a view of investors, developers, operators andtenants, C&W held in-depth discussion with via design thinking combing with operational mindset. is dedicated to connecting resources through the industry chain by integrating position and design, consulting and planning, as well as construction service and capital operation to the urban renewal platform. It is an aim to achieve urban “organic renewal" in Shanghai by mutually supporting industry chain.

The managing director of East China, Kelvin Li gave opening presentation to the workshop, “Cushman & Wakefield pays continuous attention to the urban renewal progress in shanghai. We gather specialist from investment, stock assets, different industries, government, operating and service sections to establish a platform for urban renewal.”


Co-founder and CEO of, Wang Fang and architectural quality director, Duanxia introduced logon’s team and working approach under operational mindset, as well as gave three successful renewal cases in Shanghai historic preservation areas including Ascendas Plaza, F659 Boutique Offices, JK1933 (before was Suzhou Creek Maolian Mansion) , to analyze and share occurred challenges and solutions.

According to Wang Fang, logon’s multi-professional team spearhead all phases of planning, including feasibility study, project planning, and site planning in the beginning, construction approval and design, interior design and site service in themid-term as well as operation follow-up after construction. logon ensures every plan is finalized in a holistic way.“In the perspective of solutions, we think good design leads to profitable business,”she added.


The architectural quality director of, Duanxia explained technical matters and strategic solution when facing policy obstacles. Topics are including:

F659 Boutique Offices
How to change low efficient class C office building to a boutique office building with high class experience for mid-range price.

Ascendas Plaza
How to create a dynamic outlook integrated by the surrounding context without touching the building's structure and outline, for turning the capital value.

JK 1933 (before was Suzhou Creek Maolian Mansion)
When conflicted to government standards, how to get approval for historical preservation buildings during restoring. QR.png
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