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Shanghai Huibao Group Maida R&D Office Center

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Shanghai Huibao Group Maida R&D Center islocated on Hu Nan Road, Pudong New Area. On its west side it is flanked by theKang Hua River. Hui Bao Group had purchased the plot 10 years ago before inviting to provide design solutions in 2013. The plot was located in afull industrial area which had been kept upgrading over the past years, however, still mixed with buildings with different types and functions, and itturned out to be of limited quality for an office building.

Due to ten year’s idleness and non-construction of the plot, a new subway was planned by the government to pass under it since it wasthe only available plot in the area, cutting the plot into 3 pieces - two triangles north/south and a 20 meters’ belt in the middle where the subway wasto be built. On top of this belt, no construction was allowed according to the Shanghai metro construction codes and standards. The current shape and locationof the tower was basically developed based on this limitation.

WeChat Image_20210804102231.jpg

As the land use is industrial, logon.designtogether with Huibao Group agreed with the solution to build a R&D officewhich is attractive and in good quality to outstand from the surroundings. Inorder to make the best architecture with design consistency, logon integrated R&D offices, landscape and interior design as full package solution. Combing the river view, the project was designed to connect the natural environment into the office building.

In order to change the plot planning disadvantage, logon place the building at the North corner with the southfaçade facing to the plot. The position pulls the largest distance with the building’s less developed neighbor and allows people to enjoy better view (including river view) from the river.


Logon also developed the idea of the green garden to give the building its own landscape. Positioning the building at the North corner while turning the approach towards east for the better river viewat the first sight for the full usage of the garden. The positive proportion between the building and the garden makes the plot have a generous amount ofgreen and nature. When driving into the plot, instead of driving directly tothe building’s parking lot, visitors drive through the garden to enjoy green and lush views, creating a quieter and high quality workplace.


As an industrial building, logon spend time in developing a double layer façade with external sun shading elements - while still following the standard code for industrial buildings (for which curtain wall facade is not allowed). The result resembles a modern curtain wall façade. Inside of the building, the blinds are denser towards the north and west plot to provide privacy, while being more open for sunshine from the south and east to improve the interior comfort and create a sense of agility in the overall design.

As an extension of the garden, a green wall in the lobby was decorated to facing the frontgate. Lobby ground floor facade is open towards the garden. When people sitting inside enjoying the coffee, the wholee nvironment provide them with joyful relaxing and modern comfortable views tosee the green wall inside and looking out into the garden.

Integrating architecture, landscape and interior to one new built project, logon received satisfied feedback from Huibao Group. It was with messy surrounding, however, logon creates the building as a landmark with high quality workspace combing nature views. QR.png
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