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TATA Compact+ Apartments

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Upgrade: Old and New

TATA Compact+ Apartments is a renovation project by Before the regeneration, the building was designed according to office building standards. Due to poor project positioning the project lacked potential customers, resulting in disuse.
Thanks to the height of the building itself, flexible space layout and modern structure, the renovations were successful. Taking into account the needs and trends of the marriage market, the compound was repurposed. The five outdated office buildings were transformed into modern, high-quality apartment buildings built under the main design concept of“compact apartment”.

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Compact + Apartment

Based on existing building structures and flexible layout, the design by offers a variety of apartments ranging in size from 28 to 80 square meters. The apartments are compact, well-equipped and ready to go.

Because of local regulations, the facade is allowed to extend outwards 70 cm without gaining square meters if the extended space is not on top of the other. By extending the facade 69cm x 150cm and mirroring it along the faced the apartment gains a functional balcony improves space quality and the central air conditioner can be placed here without taking up space of the inside area.
In order to facilitate installation and control the project costs, the design adds a green facade to the existing structure. The façade uses three different types of green, metal mesh, and metal panels to create a visual pattern. With a strong and prominent image, the project stands out in the development zone, showing the unique perspective and personality of the apartment compound.


LOHAS lifestyle

TATA Compact+ Apartments offers a green, natural, high-quality living environment. With its unique and precise positioning, the project has achieved its greatest potential to be the perfect renovation from R&D office to apartments. Today the apartment market ushers in its complete outbreak, which has come to prove that the forward-thinking concept and strategy by for TATA Compact+ Apartments is still a success seven years after its completion. QR.png
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