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Innospring Incubator

Client: Innospring
Location: Shanghai, China
Address: 11F, 463 Tanggu Road,
Hongkou District,
Type: Office & Workspace
Function: Office
Service: Interior Design
Status: Built
Design Area: 1,000 m²

Innospring Incubator and their headquarter office is located throughout 11th floor of an office building in Hongkou District. Previously the space comprised small-sized rented offices that were set up in a ring formation. Multi-international companies are moving in and utilizing the open office space. The design provides a flexible layout: a multi-function serviced hall for meeting, events, breaks and co-working space. All the different functional spaces connect with each other and form a funny and vibrant working atmosphere, where new idea and inspiration can emerge and be built upon. QR.png
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