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Aifeel Hotel

Client : BTG Hotels Group
Location : Shanghai, China
Address : 3 Xujiahui Road
Type : Hospitality & Living
Function : Hotel
Service : Interior Design
Status : Completed
Gross Building Area : 8,500 m²
Design Area : 500 m²

Aifeel Hotel, a non-standardized hotel for Millennials, a fortunate city corner for urban business travelers. Youthful and diverse brand elements were lively and orderly applied in public space. Starry sky wall, warm lighting and city patterns, provide an “on the way” atmosphere. Aifeel applied new concept of borderless Commons as a social and spiritual place in the hotel. Using furniture and contrast materials to divide the large space, creating a sense of path. logon has designed the “Fun Accommodation” rather than a standard room, which focused more on functionality, efficiency and comfort. QR.png
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