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Client: Yue Guang Investment Management
Address: 659 Fengyang Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai
Type: Office, Retail
Service: Architectural Design, Interior Design, Landscape Design
Status: Built
Site Area: 1,300 m²
GFA: 9,400 m²
FAR: 6.6

What if boutique offices, co-working space and showrooms could grow out of an outdated office building? The 10-story traditional office building was built up in the 1990s. The renovated F659 has a new distinctive facade, and the inner spaces have been aesthetically unified, with the different floors providing different functions. Lower floors are designed as showrooms. Higher floors are for standard and executive offices. Now the third floor has been used as a co-working space. Thanks to its location near SMG, the third floor is crowded with freelancers from the media industry and small venture teams. On top of the building is a roof garden available for events. The new F659 is a unique and boutique office building in the CBD of West Nanjing Road. QR.png
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