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Huibao plaza

Client : Maida Industrial
Location : Pu Dong, Shanghai, China
Type : Office, Retail
Service : Architectural Design, Interior Design
Status : Built
Site Area : 12,100 m²
GFA : 16,900 m²
FAR : 1.39

The Huibao Group Maida Plot is equipped and designed with a public lobby, that serves many different purposes, it is a zone to divert traffics to many different areas, and also a space for users to wait and rest. The reception desk is located in this same area between the lobby and the showroom to maximize its efficiency in greeting and serving the visitors. A boutique sale center is also found in the building, place where to showcase the group’s most recent marketing development project. With the support of galleria triangles which are wedge-shape display partitions that define the space and are perfect to introduce the groups past-present and future works in a visual-sound approach.The general floor layout is set to utilize the space around the void as an additional sub lobby, not only provide an additional waiting area for casual activities but also create a buffer zone to separate the office areas at the ends. QR.png
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