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Nanjing Homeinn Plus 3.0

Client : BTG Hotels Group
Location : Nanjing, China
Address : 79 Longyao Road
Type : Hospitality & Living
Function : Hospitality
Service : Interior Design
Status : Built
Gross Building Area : 4,000 m²
Design Area : 450 m²

The interior details and outdoor facades are inspired from the sign of quarter rest. At the Homeinn Plus 3.0, people will find temporary peace in the fast-paced travel life, get inspired for a new chapter. The Jazz atmosphere conveys the brand's unique artistic sense, concise and cheerful. The interior decorations give guests commercial experiencing, as if listening to jazz music and walking into an eluxury boutique. The Homeinn Plus 3.0 organized different stable enclosed space and equipped with designed furniture. The space is set up with business facilities such as printing, scanning, vending machines, phone booths that canbe exclusively serving one person’s working, three people’s discussion, and six people’s meetings. QR.png
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