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Shanghai Thamco

Client: Thamco
Location: Hongkou District, Shanghai
Address: 17-19F, 463 Tanggu Road
Type: Office & Workspace
Function: Office
Service: Interior Design
Status: Built
Design Area: 2,700 m²

The Thamco office is located on floors 17-19 in Tanggu Road, Hongkou District. Previously, the space comprised small-sized rented offices that were set up in a ring formation. Design opened up the space, changed it from a traditional financial office style and created a space more like a modern internet company – a geek factory. logon chose many raw materials and created a space with a strong industrial flair. Industrial materials like logs, oxidized iron and concrete provide texture and add to the aesthetic. The retro chic space that looks tough, quiet, and impressive. QR.png
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