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Yitel Premium Hotel

Client: Shanghai Yitel Hotel Management
Location: Shanghai, China
Address: NO.124 Cao Bao Road
Type: Hospitality & Living
Function: Hotel
Service: Interior Design
Status: Built
Design Area: 920 m²

It is not hard to experience the desirable quality of travel. It’s enough to come here ... This is not just a trip to a destination, but a cultural journey that begins when you enter here. YITEL Series is a Home Inns Group’s high-end hotel products, providing quality hotel accommodation service experience. The project is located in Guilin Road, Caobao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai.Hexagonal deformation of geometric patterns into the core decorative elements throughout the public areas and guest rooms, with a rich artistic sense of design and materials. So that every visitor can feel the modern culture and the collision of modern fashion. Design concept based on multicultural integration. Redefine the design vocabulary and make it the latest flagship product of 2016-2017 that was different from previous and Supreme Masterpieces. QR.png
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