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Client: BTG Hotels Group
Location: Shanghai, China
Address: 1119 West Yan’an Road, Changning District
Type: Hospitality & Living
Function: Hotel
Service: Interior Design
Status: Built
Design Area: 310 m²

Retro and intelligent collision, industrial and technological integration, there is nothing impossible, so unique you have a unique choice. YUNIK HOTEL is a brand new hotel product of the BTH Hotels Group, offering a youthful and diverse social hotel accommodation experience. The project is located at No. 1119 West Yan’an Road, Changning District, Shanghai. Bold use of a large area of brick red and cement-colored bare top, with a small area of high saturation of yellow, green and other furniture design and strong sense of design lamps, creating a . Based on the diversified social design concept, the introduction of smart products, so that people in space and space can be smart together to make it a new concept of creative works. QR.png
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