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A New Start for Brighter Future

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May the Year of Rat brings you good fortune & achievements !

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Purchased from the Carlyle Group by the V-Capaital in 2016, was commissioned with a one-stop solution package for Asset Enhancement Initiative (AEI). Adjacent to the Shanghai People’s Square, the location gives the project a special position, inspiring an artistic connotation. Under the premise of respecting history, the transformation has to improve efficiency and achieve a win-win situation of user value, enterprise value, and social value.


The content of the awarded project was presented during the show which is the world’s largest consumer goods exhibition. During the awards ceremony, more than 1,600 industry players from the political, business, design and media sections participated. The awards ceremony has become one of the most important communication activities of the international design industry.

As an international leading practitioner, GDA aims to award the creative designs which can lead the international market trend with high competence. The Awards includes three main categories: Excellent Product Design, Excellent Communications Design and Excellent Architecture.


The German Design Council is one of the world’s leading centres of expertise in communication and knowledge transfer in the area of design, innovation and brands. Currently, more than 320 companies belong to its foundation. The German Design Council was founded in 1953, at the initiative of the German Federal Parliament, to support and enhance design expertise in the German economy. It pursues a wide range of activities with a single goal: to promote awareness of how to enhance brand value on a sustained basis through the strategic use of design. QR.png
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