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logon Staged on GDA for Excellent Architecture

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Organized by The German Design Council, the award ceremony of the German Design Award 2020 (GDA) was held on the first day of Ambiente (Feb. 7 - 11) at Messe Frankfurt, Germany.’s project - Central Plaza won the Excellent Architecture Award, competed with more than 6,000 entries from 69 countries.

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In 2019, won several design competitions. In 2020, logon’s design solution guided by the operational mindset will bring us more competent projects.


In 2019, logon won 8 domestic and international awards, among which, 70% are international industry leading ones. 2020 will be a good opportunity to break the record!

Seascape selected leading conference focusing on the topics of urban regeneration and commercial and office buildings in 2019, aiming to help the projects achieve asset enhancement, In 2020, logon will publish more updated designing solutions from the health care perspective, to meet the people’s demand for quality space.

Underthe impact of 2019-nCoV, logon supports the market and industry by contributing more in-depth insights, including new design techniques and trends, intelligent architecture innovation for health care and etc. QR.png
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