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Outlook for 2020

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In 2019, totally received 25 projects; part of the project construction has been completed. The rest will smoothly enter into construction phase in 2020. logon will work with our clients in the construction site.

In 2019, logon supported 5 design projects completing. In 2020, we will share with you the design concepts and the stories behind through our wechat post.

11 projects by were still in construction in 2019. We are looking forward to their successful completion and operation in 2020, with our dedication and valuable consultation.

WeChat Image_20210804102231.jpg

Urban Regeneration

JK 1933 (formerly Suzhou Creek Maolian Mansion), a regeneration project by has been completed for business leasing. The project is located on the northern bank of Suzhou Creek, No. 1040 North Suzhou Road. There are two buildings in the site: the Maolian Mansion on the south part is a historic preservation building. The Mansion was built in 1933 as the office and stack warehouse for Band of China; as well as there is an office building on the north which was a plant. The two buildings are designed with consistent style while different methods. Giving the historical buildings a new positioning, logon renovated them into creative boutique office buildings with some retail.


CONNEX Mingyue
Mingyue Connex, a regeneration project by has been completed for operation. The project is located at No. 500 Gushan Road, Pudong New Area. The building was established in 1995 and renovated for the first time in 2008. It had been used as a hotel for ten years since logon received the project in 2018. Originally as a hotel, it was positioned to a vertical commercial complex, including commercial, office, and apartment functions after regeneration. The building also equipped with co-working space to improve the service system.


New Architecture

Sunbow Financial Center
Sunbow Financial Center, a new built project by has been completed for business leasing. The project is located at No. 3500 South Pudong Road, close to the Shanghai World Expo site, opposite to China Pavilion and Huangpu River. In appearance, the entire project is composed of two buildings with an open central square. The project is designed to be the main entrance to the Shanghai World Expo Village. QR.png
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