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The Reunion Also Continues

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The distance can't stop our best wishes
during this special reunion festival.
When the hard times gone,
the reunion also continues!

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Based on scientific research and experiences from Europe and China, logon has developed a concept for a comfortable and healthy SMART HOME. To test the concept and ensure the feasibility of applied technologies (or, in some cases, develop new technologies and applications as available products failed), logon Creative Director Frank has turned his own apartment into an experimental home.

The SMART HOME is controlled by a central server that takes care of all relevant aspects of comfortable and healthy living. In winter, all rooms are heated around the clock, but the system controls the temperature of the rooms individually based on occupancy and activity (for example; standard indoortemperature 20.5°C; the bedroom is reduced to 19°C while the owners are sleeping, but once the alarm rings in the morning the bathroom temperature is already increased to a comfortable 24°C).


Multiple sensors in each room and outdoor constantly monitor temperature, humidity, air quality (CO2, PM2.5 (testing period)), brightness and solar radiation. Based on this data, the server operates all systems to ensure ideal air quality and reduce energy consumption. Indoor relative humidity is controlled between 40 and 70%RH. Air quality (CO2) is maintained at very good at levels below 750ppm, while the notorious PM2.5 indoor air quality is excellent - we measure only 7ug/m3 compared to 69ug/m3 outdoors - thanks to 4-layer air filters for both fresh and return air.

At what temperature did do you usually set your air conditioner or heater? The comfortable and healthy SMART HOME temperature is set and controlled at 20.5°C (if somebody is at home and in the room). This seems low,but our initial settings at 21.0°C proofed to be too high - we did not sleep well, and all visitors complained it was too hot (in winter!).


All exterior and interior walls (to the neighbors) are equipped with thermal insulation, soare ceilings and floors. The windows feature insulated frames and triple glazing. This ensures that any surface temperature is never more than a few °C lower than the room temperature, avoiding discomfort by cold radiation, and highly increasing energy efficiency by preserving the energy inside the apartment.

Well, this might be the key question you want to ask! Here it is:
Total RMB 870.82 per month (December) for all energy consumption in the house.

Electricity Bill December 2017: RMB 774.82 Including heating (radiant heating in all rooms, floor heating in bathrooms), ventilation, light, fridge, washing machine, oven and microwave, wine cellar cooling, multimedia(home cinema, audio, tv), multi-room audio, smart home server, etc.
Gas Bill December 2017: RMB 96.00 Including hot water for shower and bathtub, cooking.
Note:The apartment features a gross area of 175 sq.m. QR.png
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