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Surpass Court

Client : Golden Union
Location : 570, Yongjia Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Type : Office, Retail, F&B
Service : Architectural Design, Landscape Design
Status : Built
Site Area : 3,700 m²
GFA : 7,500 m²
FAR : 2.0

WHAT IF AN OUTDATED OFFICE PARK COULD DIG INTO THE INHERENT CULTURAL GENES? Yongjia Road is regarded as one of the most suitable places for photo-shooting in Shanghai. The arc-shaped corner of a frontage building is reserved as a symbol of Art Deco, however blocked by border trees along Yongjia Road. The design focuses on vertical as a way of breakthrough. The building No. 5 with an irregular facade becomes the landmark. Now, with commercial areas, one art gallery, office space and F&B, Surpass Court which is used to be a research institution of Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology has become one of the leading lifestyle park in the French Concession. QR.png
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