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Client : Shanghai Quanhua Asset Management
Address : 600 North Shanxi Road, Jingan District, Shanghai
Type : Office, Retail
Service : Architectural Design
Status : Completed
Site Area : 6,700 m²
GFA : 31,300 m²
FAR : 4.6

HOW TO MAKE A QUIET VALLEY FOR THE CREATIVE CLASS IN THE MIDDLE OF A LOUD AND CROWDED NEIGHBORHOOD? It’s a former industrial compound with 11 buildings grouped around a central courtyard. Each building is highlighted with designs of its own characteristic. No. 4 building on the street corner has an annular outer surface. Now it’s equipped with a new metal facade, which is distinct from the nearby neighborhood. The outdoor roof space is renewed to a garden with better access. The courtyard is a good place of pause in the crowded city center. QR.png
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