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Shanghai Museum Of Glass

Client : Shanghai Light Industrial Glass Company
Location : 685 Changjiang West Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai
Type : Museum, Exhibition, Culture, Lifestyle, F&B
Service : Architectural Design, Landscape Design
Status : Built
Site Area : 5,870 m²
GFA : 5,530 m²
FAR : 0.9

WHAT IF A GLASS FACTORY COULD BECOME THE FIRST MUSEUM OF GLASS IN CHINA? People is the key to bring a successful museum in urban fringe. The Shanghai Museum of Glass is the first glass museum in China, located on a former glass manufacturing site in Baoshan District, Shanghai, adaptive reusing two pre-existing buildings, a former glass bottle factory and a warehouse. Classified as a “Type II” museum, its multi-functional design for glass art, research and technology distinguishes it from traditional museums. In addition to its glass-themed exhibition, the museum provides hot glass shows, DIY workshops, lectures, libraries and other interactive activities. All designed to attract and educate diverse targeted groups whilst creating value and incentive to visit. Uniquely treated U-shaped glass panels form the museum’s facade where multi-language glass-related words glow via its LED back-light resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind visual effect. Around the Glass Museum building, a new glass-themed creative park will be developed: a sculpture square with artists and creators, science and research facilities, and a business park. Shanghai Museum of Glass has become and will flourish as the culture and education center of Baoshan District. QR.png
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