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| Idea-Tops Awards Ceremony

Last Sunday, January 21, Idea-Tops 2017 Awards Ceremony took place at Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre.

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The comfortable and healthy SMART HOME by logon

Feel cold, sick and uncomfortable in Shanghai? Here is the solution! The comfortable and healthy SMARTHOME by logon.

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logon attends GDA Award Ceremony

Friday February 9th logon represented by Wu Yi Chao, Project Architect and Tang Yang Interior designer the German Design Award Ceremony that took place at the 'Hall Panorama' of the Maritim Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany.

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logon design selected for Fulei Library

logon's design has been selected for the Fulei Library, located in Shanghai Pudong Zhoupu area.

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logon Interior: Homeinn NEO 3.0

logon interior team has applied a new branding concept to the new Homeinn NEO with colorful and homely aesthetic language.

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logon interior: Homeinn Plus Design Concept

Jazz music isn’t the first thing one might think of when contemplating the current Shanghai design scene, but the Homeinn Plus just might change that.

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“Your Yunik Choice”

Located on busy Yan'an road in Shanghai, the Yunik Mock Up Hotel introduces a new and unique spirit to the hotel portfolio of the world's largest hotel operator, Homeinn.

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Homeinn Headquarters: Efficiency and Nature

Homeinn has been persistently providing Chinese travelers with comfortable and affordable accommodation service. In recent years, with a ground-breaking vision, Homeinn has been dedicated to the forging of a series of high-end hotel sub-brands for business travelers, switching focus from scale to quality.

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Yitel Hotel : A Tasteful Fusion Of Cultures

The interior design for the new Yitel is simple yet sophisticated, conveying a new and refreshing experience to upper-class customers. The hotel provides guests with a cozy environment.

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Hospitality evolution: Homeinn plus 1.5

The business traveler, traveling light for a brief stay in Pudong, Shanghai, must not look further for the perfect hotel. The Homeinn Plus 1.5 is up and running and has everything one might need.

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CITYMAKERS China-Germany

On Saturday, November 3rd, CEO Wang Fang and the NAX participants attended a workshop in Sino-German College of Tongji University to talk about “Citymakers recommendations” with the Dean of the architecture department, Prof. Cai Yong Jie.

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The Central Plaza Modernization

The modernization of the Central Plaza aims to maintain the historical value of Shanghai, meanwhile developing the city in a way it recovers its vitality. took on the task of designing the lobby atrium, interior shop fronts, and public spaces on all floors.

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Gusu CBD Software Park

The development of Gusu Software Park construction has been completed. The project began with a clear objective to create a comprehensive vision of the area's future: Gusu Digital City, an urban innovation district that marks a new step in urban development.

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【Volunteering】Career Cognition

‘Except for theknowledge that the volunteer companies can bring, what is more important is to letthe society know about the special children and rehabilitation, and also conveylove and acceptance to the children’ The words of Teacher Zhu Liguo from the ShanghaiRehabilitation Center of The Deaf Children (hereinafter referred to as Center)deeply inspired us.

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YITEL MOCK-UP HOTEL : re-purposing space

Today it is not hard to experience a high-quality accommodation experience - visiting Yitel Mock-Up Hotel will do the cut.

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