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The Central Plaza Modernization

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The concept of urban renewal is key for the renovation of The Central Plaza since it is located at the heart of Shanghai, adjacent to the Old Art Museum, the Grand Theatre and the Shanghai Museum (the art triangle of Shanghai). This location gives this project a special nature, inspiring an artistic connotation. Under the premise of respecting history, the transformation has to improve efficiency and achieve a win-win situation of user value, enterprise value, and social value.

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WeChat Image_20210804102231.jpg studied the old urban core type and a series of innovative initiatives were proposed. For instance, the elevator hall on each floor of the renovated Central Plaza will be a shared public space, providing more opportunities for exchanges and interactions for the settled enterprises and office groups, in line with the trend of sharing and service-oriented economy. The design knocks down the barriers of traditional office buildings. This is also a major innovation for the current office building renovation project.

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