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How to Optimizing Space On All Sides in R&D Park?

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Optimization of master plan

Fully release the lake landscape advantage, to build eco quality office park. Increase of the lake facade, giving better views to all the buildings. A diverse but unified image to take advantage of the water front location.

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Optimizing Space On All Sides

Not only the water front facade
we propose a diverse urban design which creates high-quality public spaces connected to the water front as well as to the green landscape. The lake side works as a commercial and leisure facade, and the landscape side works as an access for the offices and workshops


Human scale & Flexible work spaces

Connection between public areas, avoid “left over” space. Focus on user experience and walking experience. Public spaces and communicating passages are designed in a scale which users can relate to. The different plazas are interconnected creating a flow of people and activities. Roof garden is also accessible in the park, there is no “left over” public space, but a variety of atmospheres and highly increased the quality of the working environment.

The workspace floors are designed as flexible spaces to accommodate various kinds of users in the future.The buildings will be rented out to companies of various industries for headquarters, office and research and development use. To be able to accommodate different functions and requirements of future tenants, all floor plans are highly flexible and can be accessed separately.The office and workspace floors are designed as flexible spaces. Each floor can host 2 or more independent units, both providing a south oriented, light and modern space


Unique identity

The simple design and enclosure create a unique identity that makes it a landmark. The design provides a unique identity for the site. With its elegant, yet modern facades, it represents the progressive spirit of the science park. At the very entrance of the park, it serves as a landmark and provides a clear image towards the outside. QR.png
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